Dec 14, 2022
Top 9 Jobs for Computer Science Majors

Are you looking for some career options after finishing your graduation? If yes then computer science is a perfect choice. There are plenty of job opportunities available for CS graduates. Some of them include software developers, web designers, network administrators, information security specialists, system analysts, etc. In this post, we’ll share the top nine careers for students interested in studying CS.

Software Developer

This field deals with developing applications and programs that run on computers. It involves programming languages such as Java, C++, PHP, Python, C#, etc. You can find a lot of software development jobs for freshers. The demand for these jobs will increase due to advancements in technology.

Web Designer

A web designer creates websites by using various tools. He/she works with different components like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, etc. After completing your graduation, you’ll likely be given an offer from any reputed firm. But if not, you can always start freelancing.

Network Administrator

A network administrator manages and monitors all aspects of networking infrastructure. They maintain the network’s connectivity and make sure everything runs smoothly. They troubleshoot problems when they arise and fix any issues. This is one of the most preferred careers among IT professionals.

Information Security Specialist

Information security specialists are responsible for protecting sensitive data assets. They use various techniques and tools to secure private data. Such as firewalls, VPNs, anti-virus software, etc. They ensure that hackers don’t have access to confidential info. Therefore, the need for information security specialists is increasing.

System Analyst

A system analyst looks into the systems running on a company’s servers. He analyzes the performance of the server or device so that he can provide improvement suggestions. This is a technical position which requires experience. Students who wish to do a bachelor’s in computer science should consider applying for this career. 

Data Scientist

Data scientists are employed at companies to analyze large amounts of data using their skills in statistics, mathematics, and machine learning. They try to derive useful insights by predicting customer behavior based on certain factors.

Database Administrator

Database administrators perform daily operations on databases. Like creating tables, views, triggers, procedures, etc., they optimize database integrity and help recover from errors. They need to work independently because they deal with numerous tasks.

Mobile App Developer

With the boom of smartphones, there has been a surge in mobile application developers. These days everyone wants to develop mobile apps. So if you’re technically sound and want to build quality apps, then you can pursue mobile app development as a career path.

Quality Assurance Analyst

A QA analyst tests products before they go out. They verify that the product delivered meets customers’ requirements. Since it’s an entry-level job, anyone having hands-on experience can apply. As QA analysts test software, they come across bugs. An important aspect of this career is debugging. You’ll need to debug code and understand how it works.

Research Scientist

A research scientist researches new algorithms, theories, and ideas related to computing. Their work includes simulation studies, mathematical proofs, designing hardware, writing papers, presenting results, and other things.

The Bottom Line.

When considering your options, always ask yourself what kind of lifestyle would be best for you. What type of people will you meet? Take these considerations into account when choosing your major.

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